Informational Web Design – straight-forward, non-eCommerce sites.

Hundreds of great websites designed per year.

There is a way to conduct business properly that does not mean having to compromise oneself.

We plan, build, maintain, upgrade, convert, and otherwise “touch” hundreds of sites per year. Not many shops can say that. More specifically, not many website shops can say that truthfully!

What that means is that we bring an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and wherewithal to the party. We extend that experience and know-how to each of our Clients, saving them headaches and money (and ulcers).

No project is too big or too small.

SunAnt designs excellent wordpress websites for businesses big and small. We build small websites (8-12 page websites, for example) and massive, sprawling websites (with page counts numbering in the hundreds). View SunAnt Website Portfolio

No muss. No fuss. No surprises.

Once we understand your business needs and have determined the best course of action (the scope of your site and the necessary functionality and strategy for user group conversions), we get to work designing your site.

Because we invest our time in discovery and planning, our Clients don’t have to deal with the typical hassles they may have experienced with other web vendors (start and stops, reworking, budget blow-outs, timeline blow-outs, etc).

Can’t build an excellent website without understanding a Client’s business.

We have designed hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of WordPress websites. We are also business owners ourselves. So our approach and point of view is business-centric and profit-centric.

Before we embark on designing a website for a Client, we take the time to understand their business. Why? Because without understanding a Client’s business, we are just order-takers. However, when we know the Client’s business (to the degree possible), how the business positions itself in the marketplace, who is going to be using the site (target audiences), and what the conversion goals of the business are for the website, we are able to apply our cumulative experience to the Client’s benefit.

We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to achieve the desired business objectives.

Did you know: There Are Only Five Things You Can Do With A Website, Legitimately

We give you the controls. To the degree you want them.

All of the WordPress websites we build are designed not only to provide a great user experience, but also designed so as to be easy for Admin users to edit and modify (content & images & attachments, for example). That is, all the websites we design provide the ability for our clients to make modifications to various aspects of the website in real time from any web-enabled device. WordPress lets you do that, and more!

Typically, CMS websites enable Administrators to:

Add/edit and delete website pages (and posts)
Add/edit/delete news items
Add/edit/delete calendar events
Add/edit/delete users and their accounts
Add/delete images, videos, attachments, etc

The main advantage of a CMS website is that the power is given to the the business – the ability to make substantial content changes without having to depend on a web vendor.

It’s cheaper to maintain
Changes can be made by authorized internal personnel
No need to wait on a vendor to make simple changes

The key decision to be made is not whether a site should be built as a CMS, but rather which platform should be utilized.

Here is a short list of popular CMS platforms:

WordPress (WP)
DotNetNuke (DNN)

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