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PPC (Google’s “AdWords” and Bing’s “Sponsored Search” systems, etc.) is the Search Engine’s way of leveling the playing field, and generating a sizeable income in the process. It is in fact, Google’s only source of income.

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I selected SunAnt  to manage  a large budget Pay Per Click campaign and have been very pleased with SunAnt’s activities. Their work is very detailed and they demonstrate advanced skills in PPC campaign management. The results have been very favorable and SunAnt is a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable and skillful in PPC management and I am pleased to recommend them.

Loren Pleet, President, Abecta Marketing, CA

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC is a digital advertising model to allow businesses advertise/promote their business online. Businesses only pay for their ads when a user clicks on one of them via desktop, tablet or mobile devices. The ads appear when people search for particular things online, such as web designers near me or search engine optimization. These paid ads are always highlighted with an ad indicator next to them and are generally displayed at the top or bottom of search engine results pages. Once a user clicks on an ad they will then be directed to the landing that the business wants the user to go to.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

In order to begin running PPC Ads, you must first start off with setting a strategy and foundation.  The strategy being, what is your goal with having paid ads?  Are you simply looking to get our name out there (branding), are you trying to promote products you are selling online, or are you trying to get new business leads?  Once you know what your main goal is then you being to work on the foundation.

The foundation entails compiling a list of keywords that compliment what you are trying to achieve.  If you are selling products online you will want to research what keywords are people search for in relation to your product.  You will also want to make sure that these keywords compliment content on your site.  The more relevant the content is on your site to your targeting keywords, the more relevant your ads will be in search engines, and the more likely your ad will trigger in higher positions.

Once your keyword list is compiled then you can begin to build out your campaigns, ad groups and writing ads.  This is where you will utilize your keyword list to setup build these out.  Once your ads have been written, published, reviewed, and approved you will then have paid search ads running.

SunAnt’s PPC (Pay Per Click) Services Include:

PPC Management

PPC Management is something we do and do very well. Whether you’re selling women’s health products or insurance policies, drug rehabilitation services or school enrollments, we can ensure your large or small PPC outlay is achieving maximum benefit.

SunAnt will work with you to discover what your initial strategy is. Once established, we will then do the research needed to help build the foundation to start running paid ads online.

PPC Optimization

Lots of shops claim to know how to “do PPC”. But unfortunately all they know how to do is set up a PPC account and set it to autopilot. We know this is so because a lot of our business comes from taking over poorly performing PPC Accounts only to find the initial agency had no idea what they were doing. To us, it is a crime to keep billing a Client month over month for “services” that amount to grave disservices.

Don’t fret… we’ve been asked to take over super-massive PPC accounts mid-stream many times. If you or your current vendor are overwhelmed, we can assist.

  • Only target keywords your website content can support
  • While being in the first position can be important, it is often not cost effective
  • Negative keywords are extremely important for weeding out irrelevant traffic
  • Long tail/obscure keywords can be extremely effective at driving quality traffic & minimizing click through costs

An often overlooked value of running a PPC campaign is that it can be the best approach for determining keyword effectiveness and ranking strategies for SEO. Knowing that “Manhattan Real Estate” is not the same as “Manhattan Townhomes for Sale”, figuring out which is more relevant to your target audience, in addition to know which will be easier to target, can be of critical importance. PPC lets you find out within weeks what that difference will be, before committing to a long and expensive SEO process. Test the market with PPC before engaging in SEO. Within a few days, anyone can have a top positioned marketing campaign underway.

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