Ethical, Unbiased Advice. Opinionated Expertise. That’s the SunAnt way.

Our governing business philosophy is Ethical Profitability.

There is a way to conduct business properly that does not mean having to compromise oneself.

We intend to make our way while keeping our integrity in tact.

  • We never sell or build anything a client doesn’t need (even if they really, really want it).
  • We never suggest anything we would not do if we were in the Client’s shoes.
  • We treat our Clients’ budgets as if they were our own, looking out for their ROI at every turn.

Unbiased & Opinionated Advice.

People hire experts because experts know better. But many experts forget that part of being an expert is having an opinion. Even when a Client doesn’t want to hear the truth.

At SunAnt, we make a point to treat every Client’s business as our own. That is, we never recommend anything we wouldn’t do ourselves given the same challenges. Likewise, we do our very best to waive our Clients off of doing things they want to do but shouldn’t. Or, at the very least, when we feel strongly a Client is headed in the wrong direction as it relates to a discipline within our wheelhouse we always speak up.

If silence is consent – and we believe it is – a vendor not only has an obligation to alert a Client of opportunity but to warn them when they are about to make a misstep that could hurt their business.

There are plenty of web shops that have no problem watching a Client spend themselves into oblivion… even when the vendor knows well the unintended consequences and likely outcome. We are not that shop.

Doing the right thing means recommending the best solution for the challenge at hand. Regardless of whether there are more expensive “solutions” available. Doing the right thing without regard to our bottom line is a big reason our Clients stay with us year after year, project after project.

Call us, visit us, spend some time with us.

Our Clients stay with us and new Clients sign with us because they know they can trust us.

SunAnt’s core management group may come from all points across the political spectrum, but there are some core tenets we all agree on:

  • Working hard is important.
  • Doing good work is important.
  • Being honest is important.
  • Being above boards at all times is important.
  • Gouging Clients is bad.
  • Earning a dollar commensurate with the effort needed to accomplish the mission at hand is good.

We are not the lowest-cost provider (to be sure). Nor are we the most expensive (by any means).

We put a price on the quality of work and know-how we bring to bear on behalf of our Clients.

In the same manner we watch after our Clients’ time, talent, and resources, we expect our Clients to do the same as it relates to us.

Reciprocal respect between Client and Vendor is imperative, in our experience, to both companies’ success.

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