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Matt and the SunAnt team have been my secret weapon for web development projects. They are consistently responsive, helpful and collaborative on every web project I've worked with them on. I've hired them multiple times for web projects at various companies and will continue to use them moving forward. On our latest project they quickly understood what I was looking for and gave me helpful demos in the process. The project turned out great and our company is very happy with our new site. Highly recommend!
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Liz M.
15:04 14 Oct 20
Rebuilt our website and added a store to sell some of our products. Did in a very timely manner and has shown great results early on.
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14:04 13 Aug 20
Worked with Matt and the team at Sunant for a website redesign, they were a pleasure to work with.
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Seth M.
20:40 10 Mar 20
We've had a great experience working with SunAnt Interactive as hosts of our website. They've been quick to respond to our requests and proactive to keep features up to date as the site has evolved.
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Jaron C.
17:14 06 Aug 19
When I call them I get a live person that can help almost always no phone tag. For graphics Jon is the best and makes changes in quick order. Anthony is always responsive and pleasant. He understands what makes the Internet tick and how to optimize SEO results. Very helpful and they get what customer service is all about!
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Howard R
19:17 25 Jul 19
The guys at SunAnt are great. We've built several websites together and I've been pleased with the outcome of every single project. They're knowledgable, friendly and have a great work ethic. I highly recommend SunAnt for any of online needs.
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Aaron C.
14:30 25 Jul 19
Words can't express how I feel about Sunant. I've known Matt, Damon, Anthony and Jon for 5+ years now and my experience working with them is outstanding in every way. From customer service to the knowledge and experience they bring to the table every interaction we have.I have a small agency that creates websites for my clients. Sunant helps me with the technical heavy lifting. I can always count on them for reliable turnaround, work done correctly and a happy voice on the other end of the phone when we chat.Highly recommend these folks. They've got your back!
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Patty C.
15:40 24 Jul 19
Love these guys and gals. Some of the best service and attention I've ever had. If you want to work with people who know your name, give you great service and patience, I would not hesitate to start working with them right away. I have nothing but gratitude for them. Really.
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Meredith Sands K.
20:51 23 Jul 19
We have worked with SunAnt for several years, and they've been consistently excellent with regard to hosting, site maintenance, and site redesign.
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Robert F.
14:33 19 Jul 19
SunAnt was great to work with! Flexible, responsive, and understanding of the changing needs of a company with several business lines.
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Samantha D.
17:04 10 Jul 19
SunAnt is the perfect company to maintain my online presence. Matt has worked with my company for over 6 years and has always taken care of my dashboard website needs. He is very knowledgeable about many aspects in this technologically world. I would not go anywhere else and highly recommend this company.
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Brian B.
10:54 10 Jul 19
I have worked with SunAnt Interactive since 2011 and it has been a great experience. As a long term customer, I have watched SunAnt grow in capability and expertise without losing any of the individualized customer support and service that made me pick them in the first place. Wonderful group of people - hardworking, fun, knowledgeable straight-shooters.
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Joe L.
14:34 01 Jul 19
Great to work with and very responsive to requests.
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Lori P.
18:09 24 Jun 19
Great to work with - knowledgeable & responsive. Highly recommended for any website needs!
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Advanced Plating T.
15:30 19 Jun 19
SunAnt Interactive is responsive and professional. I have had several ASAP revisions / additions / new page creations... they get it done every time. Each interaction we have had has been a positive experience.
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John B.
18:17 14 Jun 19
I'm both a client and a partner. The team at Sunant is down-to-Earth, honest and practical. Just a great group of people to work with.
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Leigh T.
11:26 12 Jun 19
Great experience. Sunant was easy to work with, patient and made the entire process easy for us.
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Molly M.
16:57 06 Jun 19
I recently had SunAnt Interactive,LLC do a website for my bussiness they were very helpful and catered to my likes and dislikes, very creative and smart guys there and they even bought me Jimmy John's for lunch how sweet is that,Thanks guys for helping build a beautiful website
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Seneca I.
22:26 05 Jun 19
When we put out bids for a website rebuild, Sunant's response was the most practical and appropriate. They listened thoroughly to what we needed and what our limitations were, and then delivered a proposal that was exactly that and no more. They were clear about timelines and expectations. They communicated with our team regularly and took our feedback in stride. Best of all, they delivered on their proposal - on time and on budget. Very professional but without any pretense, Sunant was easy and rewarding to work with. Thank you for the excellent work.
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Christine R.
19:14 26 Mar 19
We had the opportunity to work with SunAnt on a new website redesign. CJ, the web developer, was great to work with. He was creative, cooperative and very easy to work with. The entire SunAnt team is down to earth and very talented!
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Alyssa M.
16:39 26 Mar 19
As a nonprofit agency without government funding, when we decided to finally go ahead with a new website to take us into the 21st Century, it was a seriously important decision. We wanted a dynamic website that would allow our community-supported organization to connect with those we serve and those who make it possible; and we needed to get the most functionality and high-quality design we could for our limited budget.SunAnt Interactive was the right choice… by far.Matt and his dedicated team were the very definition of professional. The site they built for us has all the capability we needed, and more we couldn’t have hoped for. Their customer service and responsiveness were lightyears ahead of everyone else. Whenever we had a question, concern, or suggestion they were immediate and thorough in working it out.Our agency is built around the concept of neighbors helping neighbors; community partners coming together to make a difference for local families in need- a one stop source of help in our area.Sunant Interactive is proudly OUR one stop source. A local company staffed by real people who care about the work they do, and work hard to make a difference for their customers. Our project was complex, unorthodox, and came with a hard deadline.Sunant Interactive met and exceeded every expectation and continues to provide invaluable support and guidance. We’re proud to be their customers, and we’re proud to call them partners- making a real difference in our local community. But thanks to Sunant… our reach goes much further than ever before.Barbara HowardExecutive DirectorLove, Inc.
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Social M.
19:11 10 Feb 19
Thank you, Jon for your prompt responses!
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Bridget W.
19:14 29 Jun 18
We make up the Detroit Radio market, 29 radio stations. We connected with Matt and Heather through a mutual friend. After seeing some of their previous work and a proposal, came to an agreement to have them completely rebuild our ancient site. Their ability to communicate in terms we could understand, their response time to our concerns, their professionalism from start to finish, and the finished product we all exceptional but took a back seat to the way they were able to make it seem as if we were their only client and our smallest concern was their top priority. With their personalities and work ethic, they would be successful with whatever their endeavor.
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John B
19:40 16 Feb 18
SunAnt was a great fit for our center! Heather and Matt were fantastic to work with and made the process seem easy every step of the way! We love our new website!
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Jodi C.
22:20 06 Feb 18
Great staff, very prompt to respond, can make your site better than you yourself can envision, go the extra mile on SEO.
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Dan C.
02:22 10 May 17
Kickass team, easy to work with! Love these guys. Thanks Sunant!
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Emily S.
16:36 24 Jan 17
High Caliber Web Development! SunAnt was able to professionally deliver exactly what I envisioned for my website on time and within budget. I would recommend their web development services to anyone! :D
AOh14Gjw7JBmixmM6vuWm8IHRWZHh17MViH6R224RaNbWko=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba4 br100
Terry B.
16:02 20 Sep 16

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For 11 Years, SunAnt has been producing excellent WordPress website designs for businesses in SE Wisconsin as well as Nationwide! We have an excellent record of producing lead capture optimized informational business websites, as well as extensive experience creating highly-profitable ecommerce (WooCommerce) websites. We are your go to source for honest, no-nonsense website design.

While much of our work is for Ad Agencies (who hire us as sub-contractors to build their clients’ sites), we also have over 450 clients of our own.
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