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Most people are familiar with the move toward “off-shoring” of web development that took place in the early to mid-2000s. Agencies and other corporations alike could not resist the temptation to hire Interactive Professionals at mere pennies on the dollar compared to their US counterparts.

Spreadsheet projections are often interesting but completely misleading.

On a spreadsheet this approach seemed to promise a way to keep production costs low. But as any seasoned pro worth his or her salt will tell you, spreadsheet projections are often interesting but completely misleading.

It is not so much that we have an axe to grind with the theoretical benefits of off-shoring, but the marketplace has realized that the hassles of off-shoring are just not worth it – and that working with domestic (US) interactive firm is the best way to ensure the integrity of end product and budgets alike.

Lower Project Management Costs

In many ways, working with off-shore talent can be like herding cats. For various reasons (cultural differences, language barriers, time zone disparities, national holidays, electricity outages, trends, design sensibilities, etc.), your company’s Project Management costs can easily skyrocket.

An advantage of working with SunAnt is we are located in Milwaukee, WI, watch American Football, understand the US web surfer’s psyche, work during the same hours as your crew does, speak English as a first language and, frankly, understand US Business Culture. We never over promise. And never say “yes” when the answer is “no”. In so doing, your project managers can rest easy knowing we are on it.

No Reworking Costs

As the vast majority of Interactive Pros who have managed off-shore development and/or design personnel will tell you, for various reasons the cost of having to re-work/tweak/fix code and designs burgeons when international fulfillment teams are in play. For instance, whereas a mock-up/concept might undergo 2-3 rounds of revisions with a Stateside Designer, a like project can easily entail 7-10 rounds of revisions to get a design just right when working with an off-shore designer. It is typically even more intensive as it relates to code.

With SunAnt, we understand US consumers, how they think, how they use the web, and we understand what your project managers are talking about, asking for, and expect. This keeps rework to a minimum.

No Deadline Blow-Outs

Of course, the mother of all issues (in a Client’s eyes anyway) is that of deadlines being pushed out seemingly indefinitely. This sort of thing really takes its toll on the Client/Vendor relationship, the internal and client-side primary stakeholders, as well as the Agency/Offshore Partner relationship.

With SunAnt, we do hard quotes. Part of the reason we can provide hard quotes is that we know what we are doing. And because we know what we are doing, we know how to deliver… on time.

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