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Wisconsin Work Ethic, Honesty, and Integrity:
SunAnt’s not-so-secret advantage.

We love having Clients in nearly all 50 States (except for when they taunt us with weather reports from San Diego or remind us of the Packers’ forgettable 2018 campaign). That’s just plain mean. Outside of that, it is awesome to be able to provide Wisconsin-Quality services to Clients of diverse industries and locations throughout our great country.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with SunAnt for four years in my position with the Wisconsin Dental Association. We’ve worked on numerous website development projects such as website renovations and updates, social media contests, SEO, e-commerce website development and maintenance and much more. I can always count on the SunAnt team to help me with website projects, questions and concerns in a timely and efficient manner. They go above and beyond to help me with web-related issues when I’m unable to figure it out. They have the ability to explain things in a way that a non-developer can understand.
Amanda Peterson, Electronic Communications Coordinator, Wisconsin Dental Association
At every turn, in every way the Sun Ant team has exceeded our expectations responding quickly to requests with insightful problem solving abilities and lots and lots of patience. In short, these guys are awesome!
Penny Molina, Marketing, The Elegant Farmer

Finding someone able to work within our “unique” system and infrastructure and match it to a modern eCommerce site was proving to be a nightmare. I contacted SunAnt on a whim and after the first meeting my mind was made up. These were people I could work with to develop a new site. They gave me a hard quote and I looked at the fine print to make sure I wasn’t missing anything because I figured my needs would far exceed what they quoted. I’m pretty sure I was right. However, they kept their word and never said anything about the “special” requests that kept popping up. That’s true professionalism.

Tom Pachner, National Sales Manager, Amateur Electronic Supply LLC, WI

We have worked with many interactive marketing firms over the years and have found SunAnt to be the best.  Their attentiveness to our needs, level of customer support and the quality of their services makes them our firm of choice.  In our line of work, we need a partner we can trust.  So when we need web development, PPC and SEO assistance or other online marketing help, we go to SunAnt.

Joe Donovan, President, ProPRCopy LLC, WI
SunAnt delivered an outstanding new website to our company, on time and on budget. Since deployment months ago, the little support we have needed has been very prompt and well received. SunAnt is an outstanding company to work with!
Evan Armstrong, President, Armstrong & Associates, Inc.

We’ve worked with SunAnt on multiple projects over the last year or so. They’ve approached each with a careful and professional approach, working with us to fully understand all objectives and developing a plan to help us meet our goals. Their expertise and partnership enable us to get the results we need. They deliver.

Josh Prior, Director of Digital Marketing, Universal Technical Institute, Nationwide

Wow you guys waste NO time!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your company.

Karen Probst, Apple Pie Pets, WI

You guys do a great job and I’ll recommend you to anyone who asks. Probably the best compliment I can give you is that I rarely ever have to think about web hosting or servers anymore.

Karen, Publisher of The Lonely Conservative, CA

SunAnt is extremely professional, quick to respond to calls or emails. It has been a breath of fresh air after working with my web designer that I had to poke him with a hot stick and sit with him to get any work done on my site.  I highly recommend SunAnt to everyone for SEO.   Since having SunAnt work on my site, I have gotten 3 new clients this month alone off the website. My site had been up for 2 years without anyone finding it. I have been so impressed with this company.

Elizabeth Lakin CCHH, CCSP, NTS, Owner, Classical Homeopathy and Bodywork, NV

Here at storeWALL, messaging is a critical factor in our business. SunAnt Interactive has played a critical role in the formation of storeWALL’s message and equally important, it’s delivery to our market. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results as the conversion rate on the storeWALL website has almost quadrupled.

How was this achieved?

SunAnt took a hands-on role in the development of website. They helped to select the imagery. They helped to construct the navigation formatting. They helped to find the plug-ins that were best suited to the nuances of our business. The result is a website that provides storeWALL customers with the clarity, brevity, and specificity we need to succeed in the markets we serve.

Upon implementation, SunAnt continues to help. They monitor the performance of the website and have been active advocates for constructive adjustments that will better help our customers find us and then buy from us.

Best of all, SunAnt did all of this for storeWALL on time and on budget.

Kevin Keenan, CEO, storeWall

Thank you very much for creating our website! We’re delighted with the design and functionality and also how the site is so easy to navigate. You made the process simple and straightforward and the on-going support has made any tweaks very easy.

Keep up the good work! Very Happy customers here.

ps. You guys should have your tagline ‘the fury web gurus of design’  Quite catchy

Scott de Ris, SRA Medical, Republic of Ireland
I selected SunAnt  to manage  a large budget Pay Per Click campaign and have been very pleased with SunAnt’s activities. Their work is very detailed and they demonstrate advanced skills in PPC campaign management. The results have been very favorable and SunAnt is a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable and skillful in PPC management and I am pleased to recommend them.
Loren Pleet, President, Abecta Marketing, CA

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