Or how to burn your Twenties.

Thanks to all of you. Thanks for my Twenties

In 1994, I finished my grad work at Thunderbird, the American Grad Schl of International Management, in Glendale, Arizona. For all intents and purposes, I was all ready to dive into the open waters of international marketing. My parents, of course, were thrilled. It seemed to them that I had put my drumming days behind me. It seemed that way to me too. I had them (my drums, not my parents) stashed in a closet and far from my mind.

I often describe my affair with music like a drug fiend to his preferred high. So, it took something for me to disassemble those damnable drums and sock them away. But, looking back on it, had I really wished to quit altogether, I would have sold them or burned them. But I hadn’t.

Through a chance meeting with a singer/songwriter from California… and his subsequent lapse into mania, my good friend, Jason Sanford and I ended up first contributing to (as session players) and later, when our friend was institutionalized, completing a recording at Mind’s Eye Digital.

At the time, Mind’s Eye was a small studio in a strip mall. There was this very quiet and kind and incredibly fine guitarist there by the name of Larrry Elyea. He was a guitarist, song-writer, and entrepreneur of some note. And he was also fully integrated into the Mesa, AZ, alternative music scene. In fact, his band at the time, SoulGrind, was a pretty big deal thereabouts.

One thing led to another… as things seem to happen in our lives… and next thing I know Larry was introducing me to a couple other well-considered pillars of the alternative scene: namely, Jamie Hickerson and Mitch Steele. They were actively looking for a drummer.

My Twenties were spent burning the midnight oil with some of the most amazing people I have ever and will ever meet. I dare not list them here, as the page would be incredibly long. But I will mention my brothers in arms, Jason Corman, Erick Smith, Joey St. Clair, Mike Brandt, Mitchell and Jamie.

When it ended… it ended in Chrysler fashion. And those of you who knew us, encouraged us, drank with us, suffered with us, and fought with us… you know what that means.

Thanks to all of you. Thanks for my Twenties. – Matt

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