Build a website, plant a tree!

Rescue and Recycle

For each Pixel Offset Credit purchased, SunAnt will rescue and recycle one forgotten or underutilized pixel from the world wide web in your name. We care about the sustainability of the Cybironment. Shouldn’t you?

One way to reduce your pixel footprint is by revamping old websites and replacing them with more efficient ones. Consolidating web pages where possible and eliminating unneeded web pages altogether. By reducing your online square footage, you reduce the pixel usage.

Another way to help reduce your pixel footprint is to employ efficient Search Marketing strategies that shy away from ineffective ads and copy, etc..
There are numerous other programs to conserve pixels – such as recycling old images, disallowing access to superfluous site content, and scheduling your surfing shifts to overlap with regular business hours.

There are a number of ways to make your pixel efficiency projects affordable. Through performance contracting retrofits, for example, pixel savings can easily offset project costs.

Not only will you spare innocent pixels from having little to say for themselves, but the environment will benefit too.

Since late 2008, our customers have saved more than 16 gzillion metric tons of pixels as a result of performance contracting projects.

For those who are not in a position to enact Pixel Footprint reduction strategies – or cannot achieve compliance with federal government mandates dictating responsible pixel usage, SunAnt offers Pixel Offset Credits.

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