Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Don’t be caught flat-footed.

It really isn’t a matter of “if” there will be a Zombie Apocalypse, but rather when it will occur.

One need only read the headlines, watch the TV, and/or surf the Intertubes to see that the time is nigh.

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zombie insurance

Zombies are serious business.

  • they are undead and cannot be reasoned with
  • they eat brains, scratch, claw, and also eat brains too
  • they can’t be bribed
  • they don’t even speak English
  • they are lacking in the personal hygiene arts

Our Zombie Apocalypse Insurance can’t protect you from any of that, of course, but it will help you* and your surviving family get back on your feet in the post-Zombie Apocalypse Era.

*in the event you do not personally survive the Zombie Apocalypse, no worries! Your coverage will be assigned to the next available kin as indicated.

Imagine the following:

You arrive somewhere and the person or persons you were meeting up with there are there alright but look like they smell bad and don’t even waive when you approach with the tickets in hand for wherever you were going to go with them…

Then, you realize that your car alarm is going off on that car you bought a couple months ago from your friend’s buddy who turned out to be a wee bit scummier than you imagined when you spoke to your friend about him who went on and on about the great deal you’d get on the car you bought from the guy who came highly-recommended from your buddy.

As you turn around, you hear moaning coming from all points. It is then you notice that there appear to be people bumping into your car and other people wandering aimlessly toward the noise coming from the car you bought (like I mentioned above, from that guy).

You start to run toward your car, but stop in your tracks because… You forgot to get Zombie Apocalypse Insurance from SunAnt Interactive.

Really, it’s not so different from any other form of insurance – mostly – except for the more common insurances that aren’t like it.

Don’t be that guy or gal or AI!

Really, it’s not so different from any other form of insurance – mostly – except for the more common insurances that aren’t like it.

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Bob, a 42 year old accountant from Buffalo, New York, was able to get his Zombie Apocalypse coverage for mostly nothing at all.
As a father of two, how could I not? I mean what man worth his salt wouldn’t want to cash out after surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Vanessa, a 28 year old professional woman from Vancouver, purchased her Zombie Apocalypse insurance policy from SunAnt Interactive a while ago and has this to say:
I used to think Zombies were cool. Until I started thinking about the Apocalypse they (or someone evil) was planning to plan. Then I realized that I needed to be insured against them (and/or the evil behind them).
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Everyone knows to make sure they have enough life insurance. But undead insurance is so often forgotten. My suggestion? Ask your agent when you don’t want to lose a piece of mind.

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