It must have been 10 years ago in July when James and I purchased a small website shop in Mayville.

We made the drive from Milwaukee to Mayville several times. But the time I remember most clearly was when we had to pick up all manner of equipment and furniture.

We rented a box truck and set off to move the operation to our new office in Milwaukee. It was a scorcher of a day, if memory serves, as we pulled behind back of the Mayville office. We were greeted by the SunAnt employees, including Anthony (who would later become a partner/owner in SunAnt). And then the heavy lifting began. Some hours later, we were done and driving back to Milwaukee with a truckload of machines, servers, desks, chairs, phones, cables (a lot of them), and a bunch of CDs (with client assets on them), a digital camera and lighting gear (for which we had no use), and boxes of paper.

On the way back, late in the afternoon, James and I sat in the cab of the truck. We were both excited and nervous.

Within a couple months, James would be dead.

But on that hot and humid day in July, we envisioned all the possibilities of finally running our own business the way we envisioned a business should be run.

Thankfully, before he “checked out” James had the wisdom to convince Damon to come work with us and Anthony to stick around… both of whom became partners at SunAnt in the wake of James’s “celestial recall”.

Anyway, it was a hot day in July in Mayville. And that was that.