The reasons that WordPress is the best Content Management System choice for you in 2021 and for the foreseeable future are numerous. Let’s consider them in a little detail.

1) SEO

Your website is in competition with numerous other websites for eyeballs on the internet. WordPress is optimized to make your content more attractive to web crawlers and search engine rankings. It accomplishes this synergy in a variety of ways, including very precise HTML markup that makes the syntax of the site–the way all its elements relate to one another–easy for crawlers to read. Permalinks, the permanent links within the site, are also able to carry information that is relevant to content, rather than some alphabetical-numerical gobbledygook that only exists to differentiate one page from another. In effect, that’s like an extra layer of keywords that help to explain and promote the content of the site. WordPress also makes it easy to optimize images and to explain their relevance with tags, captions and descriptions. Most importantly, though, WordPress makes it easy for you to elaborate and update your content on the fly, and as web crawlers and ranking algorithms, particularly on Google, have become more sophisticated and discerning, content has emerged as the most important factor in page ranking. Since WordPress has historically been so enmeshed with blogs, it was designed from the very beginning to make content creation and presentation easy, and now it is reaping the benefits.

The other side of this equation is that WordPress is so ubiquitous that the crawlers and ranking engines have actually been designed to some extent to understand WordPress sites better than others, and in turn WordPress, with its open architecture, has co-evolved to take advantage of search engine algorithms, particularly Google’s.

2) Variety Is the Spice of Sites

The sheer variety of themes and plugins available for WordPress far outstrips anything else. You can get a basic theme and add plugins, or you can shell out for something more sophisticated–a premium theme–that has all kinds of functionalities already integrated and waiting to be potentialized by the user. In the latter case, the aesthetics will have been designed by someone who knows how to make sites pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, and the functionalities will be well integrated. You’re paying for a premium suite, so there will be support and updates to keep your site running well.

Designing premium WordPress themes is a competitive field, and there’s plenty of feedback from users about which themes are best. The bottom line is which ones are going to make your content stand out and make it easy to access and navigate. We here at SunAnt can help guide you in that decision and do as much or as little of the building, hosting, upkeep, and content management as you wish.

3) Easy Optimization for Mobile Devices

It seems as though we mention this every month, but it’s just so important to your online success that we have to drive it home again and again. The percentage of online searches for products and services that are launched from smartphones and tablets is skyrocketing, and the trend has only gained momentum during the pandemic. If your site is not optimized to play nicely with those devices, you are losing business, plain and simple. WordPress makes it fantastically easy to optimize your site for such devices. If you haven’t done this already, there is no better bang for your buck than that. Give us a call, and we’ll get it sorted out for you.

4) WordPress Security

The more money and information that changes hands online, the more motivated bad actors will be to try to steal money and information, or to disrupt commerce. WordPress is crowdsourced and constantly evolving to counter developing threats. There’s considerable quality control and frequent updates to make sure vulnerabilities are minimized. If you keep your site updated to the latest WordPress version and use a WordPress optimized host, your chances of being hacked are minimal. That’s good for your business, and good for your customer.

There are plenty of other good reasons to use WordPress as your CMS, but there’s a thumbnail sketch of some of the most important reasons. Let us give you a hand, whether you want to update an existing site, migrate your online presence to WordPress, or build up from scratch. SunAnt has the expertise to make it easy. Give us a call.