Capped off a great year here at SunAnt with our 2018 SunAntian Awards! Here is a complete list of the winners…

SunAntian Awards presented for 2018

The “I Sign Your Checks” Award (awarded to the person who signs paychecks with alacrity) goes to Anthony Bodden.

The “Most Likely to Call in Sick Because for a Mosquito Bite” Award (awarded to he/she who exemplifies creativity in the line of absences) goes to CJ Lewis.

The “It’s on the Calendar. I Told You Before” Award (awarded to the Employee who exemplifies diligence in the face of forgetful bosses) goes to Heather Hartke.

The “Don’t Stand Too Close to Me” Award (awarded to the Employee whose personal space bubble is the size of Lake Michigan) goes to Jon “without an ‘h'” Valcq.

The “Most Likely to Starve to Death Because They Can’t/Don’t/Won’t Order Food Online” Award (awarded to the person with the greatest aversion to ordering things online) goes to Matt Collins.

The “Teen Choice” Award (presented based on viewer/fan polling) goes to Herb Ripka.*

The “Trophy Husband” Award (awarded for sexiness in the face of zeroes and ones) goes to Damon Padovano.

*not a scientific poll